LawNote™ is the legal and case management solution which integrates modern approach to business risk management or enterprises and efficiency for institution with large public interface.

In contrast today under legacy system many of man hours and efforts are typically wasted. The workforce energy is absorbed in managing the paper work and the movement of countless files. Not to forget the space for storage. The quest for solution in a proactive manner is only filled by the efficiency at individual levels in Enterprise. Thus an asynchronous approach to Legal and dispute management in paper system and legacy systems very often fail at potentials risks involved.

The increasing globalisation is a major factor which presses businesses/governments alike, to look for timely analysis and calculation of risks and threats that at enterprise level.

LawNote™ is an end to end Solution built on SAP HANA, to manage a repository of legal issues for Courts, large Legal departments and Enterprises enabling it to reduce delays and risks in Legal cases. At the same time managing collaboration amongst various verticals, notify early responses, mitigates avoidable litigation, conforms to many standard procedural requirements for ease of functionalities.

Key Features

  • Digitalize Court cases Management
  • Tracking legal issues affecting business and risks associated
  • Inter organization collaboration
  • Cutting down and management of the Cases, documents (business and other sets of documents)
  • Real Time analytics powered by SAP HANA

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