Syed Kamran Razvi:
Founded the company in 2007, is the domain and workflow expert. Educated and trained in Law, he has practiced law since 1992, in different courts and different jurisdiction. More recently, he has focused on legal technology innovations and business solutions emanating from legal conflicts. He has presented many papers in both national and international conferences. He was part of IVLP (judicial program) by US state department in 2008. His pet project is Clean India Clean Amroha since 2011. He lives in Delhi with his family.

Mohammed Imthiyaz K.A.
Is a prolific thinker who has many new initiatives for common people and is educated in economics. He is a self-made business man. Lives in Managalore. His pet projects are Indianiti stores and cooperative banks.

He joined the company as investor Director in 2014.

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